Today's rapidly evolving & highly complex business environment requires experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals to deliver practical and sustainable solutions which address critical HR challenges.  Mylestone HR Consulting provides Human Resources services & customized solutions which address our clients' unique HR situation to improve business performance.
Mylestone HR Consulting exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our knowledge and industry experience are not only what differentiate us but are also what makes us successful. We provide the services and customized solutions to help your business create and capture results through Human Resources.

Meeting the Staff
Clapping Audience


Mylestone is committed to helping your business overcome critical HR challenges to improve business performance. Our HR consulting services are customized to help you do just that. We work with a range of small, medium, and large organizations and have the knowledge and skills & abilities to provide the very best HR service your business demands.


Professional Search


Skilled-Trades Recruiting

Employees possessing the right skill-set and who fit the culture of your organization are an important part of an engaged and productive workplace. Mylestone HR Consulting can provide advice and support to recruit the best talent for your business and help you avoid making costly hiring mistakes. We can work with you across the whole of the recruitment process and customize it to fit your requirements. We can find and shortlist candidates; work with agencies or recruit on your behalf; ensure psychometric assessments are conducted; and assist with the interview process.


Whether you want to up-skill your HR; develop the leadership and management capabilities of your Management/Front-Line Leadership team; or embed important soft-skills that will make your organization more effective, Mylestone HR Consulting has the experience & know-how to develop and facilitate customized training programs to meet your requirements.